Bob Proctor explains how to start off with any idea.

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Bob Proctor is one of the most influential people to have ever existed. One of the reasons why I liked him so much was because he was an 11 lifepath like myself and people of the same life path are drawn to each other.

But all that aside, I learnt a lot of things from him. He was a major inspiration as to why I have always acted on ideas which I felt were great to act upon.

Often, many times people have ideas and hesitate to act upon them. They keep contemplating or procrastinating as to whether they should or not which keeps them stuck in the same place.

A lot of people have questions such as how will I get the resources for it or how will I succeed in it. The thing is it is important to start.

Once you start, then you get the ideas eventually. You also attract the right resources you need in order to pursue your venture. It could be anything like starting a business, writing a novel or doing anything which you feel is out of your reach.

You have to start from where you are and with what you have got. No matter how difficult the situations might be, you can always accomplish what you set out for.

Help us reach more people

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