The meteoric rise of Metro Booming and his best songs

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Metro Booming is the artist the world had been waiting for. In recent years, his beats and music production have only gotten better than before.

Metro Booming has collaborated with established artists like Future, Don Toliver, A$AP Rocky along with many others.

Not that he wasn’t influential earlier, but since the past year his presence has grown by leaps and bounds and he has also been a lot more active in producing music.

Stats according to Social Blade

There are majorly 3 songs by him that I really like –

1. Metro Boomin, Don Toliver, Future – Too Many Nights

2. Metro Boomin & Future – Superhero

3. Metro Boomin, A$AP Rocky, Roisee – Am I Dreaming

These are my favorite songs by Metro. Let me know what you think of his songs in the comments.

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