‘Jaded’ the song that got Fordo the attention he wanted

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Fordo is a musician who has recently gotten a lot of attention with his new song – ‘Jaded’ which has gone viral on Instagram and also on YouTube.

The song currently has over 1.6 lakh views on YouTube and its been 3 weeks since the song has been launched.

I think it is good that he is getting the recognition because the song is pretty good in my opinion. I would love to see what kind of music he comes up with next.

Song Meaning and Inspiration

The song is about moving on from a toxic partner who one feels drawn to initially but eventually the love subsides and you come to know the truth about the person.

Love just like money doesn’t always come easy to a lot of people if you have the wrong mindset. You could be attracted to the idea of a person and when the person doesn’t turn out to be that way you realize that you were better off without them.

The song is mainly Fordo expressing his disappointment in love and the aftermath of the toxic relationship.

I hope he comes up with more bangers in the future. Let me know what you think of his music in the comments.

Help us reach more people

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