How good is Kyrie Irving?

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To put it simply, Kyrie is one of if not the most skilled players in the NBA. He has the best handles, great shooting efficiency and is even clutch in high pressure moments. He is great at getting to the rim and finishing difficult layups.

Kyrie plays at the point guard position for the Brooklyn Nets currently. He won the NBA championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers along side LeBron James in 2016 and was the best player other than LeBron during the Finals.

He averaged about 27.4 ppg, 4.4 rebounds and 5.8 assists this season with 46.9% overall FG% and 41.8% 3 point percentage. He was even part of the 50-40-90 club last season. He was Rookie of the Year in 2011-12.

To be honest, I expected a lot more from Kyrie than what he has achieved till now. Yeah, he is an NBA champion but I did hope to see him win other awards like the MVP, Finals MVP or more championships. Given his situation, I feel like it is difficult to win those accolades now. However, we shall see how things turn out for him in the future. I just wish to see him win more than what he has already won till now.

Compared to other point guards, I feel it is safe to say that he is playing better than Westbrook now. Damian Lillard has proven to be a team leader which Kyrie hasn’t till now. So, most people would rank Damian higher than Kyrie. Steph is obviously ranked higher than Kyrie by majority of basketball fans given that Steph has actually won everything at this point.

So, guys that is how good Kyrie Irving is. Let me know your opinions on him.

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