How critics reacted when LeBron James lost the NBA Finals in 2011?

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Alright guys, so back in 2011 LeBron James and the Miami Heat were in the NBA Finals. The Miami Heat were facing Dallas Mavericks and were up 2-1 against the Dallas Mavericks and ended up blowing the lead to lose 4-2 in the Finals.

LeBron James was marketed as the ‘chosen one’ long before he even came in the NBA. LeBron had proved himself to be a great basketball player and had won the Regular Season MVP twice and had a Finals trip before he went to the Finals again in 2011. However, he was yet to win a championship.

Naturally, he had critics all around him and he was scrutinized for every mistake he ever made. This series was incredibly crucial for his legacy and he made the most horrific plays he had ever made.

In one Finals Game he even had 8 points the entire game. Skip Bayless, Stephen A Smith and other critics talk about the Finals loss and how bad it looked for LeBron James.

Wale actually came to defend LeBron James after the NBA Finals and this is his interview with Skip Bayless and Rob Parker.

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