My opinion on The Alchemist (Spiritual Genius or Bogus)

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Alright, guys so today I wanted to introduce you to a channel that I saw and have been watching on youtube recently called ‘The Alchemist’. It is a channel based on spirituality, awakening, dimensions etc. The person creating the content is Sarah Elkhaldy.

The Alchemist Channel Review

Honestly speaking, I feel her content is pretty difficult to understand. Even for a person like myself who has been into stuff like this for long I find it somewhat difficult to understand her videos completely. However, I feel like you might want to check it out. In case, you have been going spiritual experiences then you might be able to resonate with her content.

Her channel seems to be growing on youtube. I always urge people to listen to different perspectives but be wise enough to follow one’s intuition when taking decisions.

Help us reach more people

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