A look at Dead By April and their best songs

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Dead By April is a metalcore band from Gothenburg, Sweden. It was formed in 2007 and the current lineup consists of Pontus Hjelm (guitars/keyboards/clean vocals), Marcus Wesslén (bass/backing growled vocals), Christopher Kristensen (unclean vocals) and Marcus Rosell (drums).

Dead By April uses a combination of clean and unclean vocals with elements of orchestral, nu metal and techno.

I was introduced to Dead By April through a Dragon Ball Z AMV(Anime Music Video) and have been hooked on to their music ever since. The band is quite active and releases new content on YouTube pretty often.

There are mainly 2 songs by Dead By April that blow my mind every time I listen to them – ‘I can’t Breathe’ and ‘I Made It’.

1. Dead by April – I Can’t Breathe

2. I Made It

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