Jon Jones: Not the fighter he once was

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If you follow UFC, you probably know who Jon Jones is. Considered to be one of the greatest fighters of all time, Jon has a professional record of 26-1(Win-loss) record. While Jon’s only loss was to Matt Hamill, Jon lost that fight via disqualification for landing illegal downward elbows. So, although, Jon had a dominating performance he technically lost that fight.

Career in the Past

Jones has beaten some of the toughest fighters in the UFC like Daniel Cormier, Richard Gustaffson, Corey Anderson, Ryan Bader etc. After such great feats in his entire career, everyone doubted if there’d ever come a day when we would see him loose. However, that belief has now been questioned in everyone’s minds now. Although, his record does not show a loss apart from the one against Hamill, Jones has come off as beatable lately.


Current Scenario

Things seem to have changed after Jon’s fight against Dominick Reyes. The fight lasted for 5 rounds and a lot of people believe that Jon lost that fight. Most people say that Dominick won 1st, 2nd and the 3rd round. Looking back at the fight, well Dominick did land a lot of shots in the first 3 rounds and one could possibly agree that Reyes won that fight. However, the judges thought different and Jones was declared the winner by unanimous decision. Dominick look pi**ed off with the decision too as later he went on to say that he won the fight in his opinion. Also, his fight against Thiago Santos came off as winner via split decision.

Legacy Stained?

So, his last 2 performances has left a lot of people thinking that maybe Jon is not the fighter he earlier used to be. The fight with Dominick Reyes is definitely going to stain Jon’s legacy in the eyes of people who have witnessed the fight while the record might not state the actual story. Also, Jones has a history of using illegal moves like eye pokes, doping violations etc. A lot of people might claim that Jones won his earlier fights due to such cheap tactics. So, the narrative is definitely going to change for Jones.

With age catching up Jones is probably going to slow down as a fighter. Being 32 years of age, he is pretty much past his prime. He has a few years of fighting left. Lets see how the future turns out for him.

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