Smashing Satellites: Salvatore Costa’s project and their best songs

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Salvatore Costa aka Sal Costa rose to fame as the guitarist of My Darkest Days which he was a part of from 2009 to 2013.

My Darkest Days was one of my favorite bands growing up and I still listen to their songs every now and then. It came to me as a surprise when Sal left the band in 2013.

He had his own reasons to do so, but it primarily had to do with him launching his own project. Sal wanted the freedom of creating his own music and experiment with different styles, something which he wasn’t able to do with ‘My Darkest Days’.

He formed his own band ‘Smashing Satellites’ in 2014 in which he was the front man.

Sal had several influences and didn’t want to be limited in his creative expression. He wanted to experiment with different genres which is why a lot of his songs with ‘Smashing Satellites’ were pretty different from each other.

I read about how he started ‘Smashing Satellites’. After his departure from ‘My Darkest Days’, he left for California to work with Bob Marlette where he wrote music and tried all sorts of musical instruments to come with the desired sounds.

He then went back to Toronto and formed ‘Smashing Satellites’ with members Devon Lougheed, Mykey Thomas and Mick Valentyne.

For some reason, I have mostly liked Sal’s music. I like how diverse and versatile his tracks were with ‘Smashing Satellites’.

His rhythm and melodies were always on point. I really liked his style of music for some reason. It always felt raw, original and creative. There was something about the vibes of his music which was strangely captivating.

These are some of the songs that I really liked and they are quite fun to listen to.

1. Taste Of Fame

2. Hounds

3. Waterfall

4. Rise Above Yourself

5. Smashing Satellites – Gamblin’ Man

Anyway, that was all. Let me know your opinion regarding the songs. Have fun, take care and bye.

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