‘Rolling In The Deep’, the song that made Adele a certified legend

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Whenever I think of Adele I am reminded of the time when I didn’t think much of her as an artist. It was her song ‘Rolling In The Deep’ which was #1 on VH1 Top Ten that made her catch my attention.

I initially thought that she was just going to be a 1 hit wonder but I was wrong. Adele went on to produce more hits and even though her music wasn’t typically the type I liked listening to I could understand why she became a star who is still a major figure in the music industry today.

Her vocal skills were out of this world and no one would ever deny that. I eventually started to like her songs one of which was ‘Rolling In The Deep’ the very first song I heard by her.

Song Meaning and Story

Most of Adele’s songs are based on heartbreaks and her personal experiences in love. This was her venting her pent up anger regarding her ex boyfriend who had betrayed her.

It was about her telling him to get out of her house instead of her begging him to come back. The title ‘Rolling In The Deep’ is derived from the term ‘roll deep’ which was about having someone that has your back.

Adele felt that way about the relationship initially, however her feelings turned vengeful once she discovered the truth.

The song won 3 Grammy awards for ‘Record of the Year’, ‘Song of the Year’ and ‘Best Short Form Music Video’ in 2012.

Overall, I like how her voice sounds and how composed she is even when singing incredibly difficult notes. The song was quite a hit in its time.

Let me know your opinion about the song.

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