‘Infected’, the Sickick song that spread worldwide as predicted

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Sickick is the talent that I didn’t know I needed to check out. This guy was working in the shadows till about a decade ago probably hoping to make it big.

Fast forward to 2024, it seems like his dream has come true. He has over 4 million subscribers on YouTube and several hit songs with tonnes of views.

His song ‘Infected’ went viral on several social media platforms and it caught my attention through a reel on Instagram.

Song Meaning and Story

Well, the lyrics are pretty short and direct.

They call me the freak of the fall
You feel like a badboy? Well I’m King Kong
I’m the new high and you’re the same bong
I know I’m, I know I’m hot don’t cry

Talksick3 in the fall
I’m the new album, you’re the same song
They say I’m sick! and it won’t take a long
Till my sickness spreads worldwide

Infected Lyrics

The song was released in 2016 when he wasn’t that prominent yet but was definitely gaining momentum. Its almost like he wanted to make a statement to all those who overlooked him that he was way ahead of their imagination.

There may have been people who would’ve doubted his potential and they definitely wouldn’t have been happy to see him succeed.

But somehow, he knew it was only a matter of time when his influence would cross boundaries and spread worldwide. The song is mainly him declaring that he is going to be huge in the future.

He produced this song inside his car which was parked in the garage while thumping his dashboard and flipping the lights on and off.

Well, his prediction did come true. His song infected several parts of the globe making him an incredible success.

Anyway, that was all for today. Have fun, take care and bye.

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