Memories, the song by David Guetta feat. Kid Cudi that regained relevance a decade later

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Memories is among the best songs ever by French DJ David Guetta. It features Kid Cudi the rapper from Cleveland, Ohio.

The song was released on 6th February 2010. It was a hit song at the time, however it regained a lot of attention again during the pandemic and lockdown. It was featured especially in several shorts and reels which were related to ‘Project X’ released on 2nd March 2012.

Although, Project X didn’t have ‘Memories’ as a soundtrack, I actually thought so because of the number of reels that linked them together.

Song Review and Meaning

The song is eerily reminiscent of the time in 2010. Its about the time when social media was prevalent but not hitting the current peak it is at now. Its about how people spent their time partying during those years and focused on living in the moment.

The message and meaning behind the song was simple. It was about creating memories by doing crazy things which Cudi defines as ‘crazy sh*t’. A lot of people actually relieved their stress through partying and it served as therapy for them, if not them, then at least for Kid Cudi as he claims.

The song stressed upon enjoying the moment and letting go of daily anxieties. It was about partying without having any concern about time passing by.

Its actually quite genius how they managed to produce such a hit with such simple lyrics. David Guetta obviously did an amazing job with the instrumentals and so did Kid whose voice happened to fit the song perfectly.

When you look at art be it music or movies from the past, you can literally notice the difference in the culture back then and when you compare it with the current scenario.

The change is even noticeable in events like parties. In the past people partied for the sake of partying while in today’s day and age parties are mainly done for business purposes and gaining contacts.

It could be simply my perception as well since I have started to view social gatherings as serving a business purpose. Maybe, its not true for everyone.

Overall, I would rate the song 5/5.

Anyway, let me know what you think of the song.

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