Russia-Ukraine Crisis and Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine

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The Russian Ukraine crisis has been going on since years, however in the recent months it has escalated to levels that most people would not have imagined. There are a lot of things going on in everyone’s minds. Why does Putin want to invade Ukraine? What will be the outcome of the crisis? What does the USA and NATO have to do with it? What led to the disastrous situation and what impact will it have on Russia or Ukraine in the future?

Why Putin wants to invade Ukraine?

So, according to Putin the USA and NATO were expanding their military presence in Ukraine especially which was obviously a cause of concern for Putin. Putin stated that ‘USA was parking missiles at the porch of their house’. Putin also views Ukraine as a part of Russia as historically they belonged to the same region and he wants Ukraine to be a part of Russia. Meanwhile, Ukraine has become extremely close to the West ie. US and NATO while the tensions have increased in the relations between Russia and Ukraine.

According to Putin, Putin was left with no choice but to take the decision of deploying troops and military across the borders of Ukraine.

USA, NATO and other Nations involvement

It seems like USA and NATO also have a major role to play in the crisis today. USA wants to develop relations with Ukraine so as to help keep Russia in check. The provision of arms and weapons to Ukraine by the USA makes it very clear that USA has a vested interest in making Ukraine an ally.

However, whether USA will send troops to Ukraine to curb the situation is a hard question to answer.

Meanwhile India, China and UAE have abstained from the resolution to withdraw Russian forces from Ukraine while all other nations have vetoed for the motion

Implications on Russia for invasion

US and NATO have decided to impose heavy sanctions against Russia for its transgression. However, sanctions seems to be a very minor consequence for Putin who has dealt with them since way back in the past.

Overall, the situation is extremely serious and hopefully things will get resolved.

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