Kyrie Irving refuses to take vaccine; players, celebrities etc react.

So, Kyrie Irving does make the headline quite often and usually for controversial reasons. He has had a lot of flak for a variety of reasons be it calling the earth flat, or be it refusing to play in the bubble, missing several games for reasons suitable to him etc.

Well, this season Kyrie has been barred from playing games because of his refusal to take the vaccine. In a way a lot of people would side with Kyrie Irving’s stance on vaccine. It is definitely one’s own choice whether they want to get vaccinated or not.

Meanwhile a lot of people have criticized Kyrie Irving for his decision and several people have also supported him.

Chris Brown extends support to Kyrie

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Chris Brown posted a story on his Instagram supporting Kyrie Irving’s decision. Meanwhile, Kyrie Irving claimed that he is not anti-vaccine and that he is simply standing up for people who are loosing their jobs for vaccine stance.

Kevin Durant talks about Kyrie Irving vaccination status

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Stephen A Smith reacts to Kyrie Irving and Brooklyn Nets situation

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