Chrollo is one of the most popular characters in Hunter X Hunter. He is the leader of the Phantom troupe. Now, not much is revealed about Chrollo and his background, however still he manages to capture your attention from his first appearance.

Chrollo is obviously one of the strongest characters in the anime. He is a specialist who can steal powers. On a power scale, I think he is close to Silva or Zeno and I might put him slightly above Hisoka. Considering the fact that he manages to survive against Silva and Zeno both while fighting them at the same time speaks a lot about his skill. Moreover, Zeno even commented that Chrollo might beat him if he were actually trying to kill Zeno. Also, Silva and Chrollo had an encounter in the past. Now, it is not clear as to who won that fight, we know that both Chrollo and Silva managed to survive the fight.

Now, a lot of times I wonder what caused Chrollo to be the way that he is. What circumstances led him to be the kind of personality that he has. Now, Chrollo is from meteor city. Meteor city is mainly a place for the abandoned. Perhaps, his parents left him there all by himself. Maybe his parents died. Now, we don’t know much about his past. However, I do wonder as to what lead him to form the phantom troupe. Why did he indulge in cruel practices like the Kurta clan massacre? What was his motives behind such actions? Doing such things for plainly for material gain doesn’t seem like a good enough explanation for me.

In my opinion, his time in meteor city as a small kid had a very large impact on shaping his personality. We know that the meteor city was a place for the outcasts. It might have been that his parents might not have accepted him. Or perhaps if his parents died, then no one took the responsibility of taking care of him when he was a small kid. So, in such circumstances a person usually takes up a hostile view regarding the world. So, I think that was a major reason why Chrollo became a bandit.

From what I can infer his intentions behind forming the phantom troupe was probably to form his own community where he felt accepted. Most of the members were also from the meteor city and had probably shared the same opinions about the world as him. So, in that way all of them relate to each other and decided to form their own community.

Now, Gon asks Chrollo as to why the Phantom Troupe goes around killing people for no reason. Now, it is funny that Gon is asking this question considering the fact that his own best friend Killua is an assassin himself. However, it is not really Killua’s fault because he was raised that way and it was his family business. Now, Chrollo takes a minute to think about the explanation and answers that he is himself not very sure about the answer. Perhaps, it is a way to find himself.

So, Chrollo’s major purpose behind all these actions is to find himself. He caused all these horrific actions just to understand himself more. Well, that is his explanation in a way. Apart from that, Chrollo is quite unemotional in a way. He doesn’t hesitate to kill people. We usually see him pretty calm amidst all situations. I don’t really know if he has a hunger for power like Hisoka although Chrollo is very skilled. He doesn’t go around challenging people like Hisoka does. He is quite fearless too. He does not fear death. This is evident from the time when Kurapika held him captive and threatened to kill him. Chrollo is not afraid of loosing his life. Perhaps, it is his pride or maybe he feels that loosing his own life does not matter to him.

We also know that the Phantom Troupe is extremely important to him. He is the leader of the group and according to him his orders are top priority. Although his life is not important or a priority. So, I feel he believes that since his is the best person to guide the group, his orders must be followed at all costs for the benefit of the whole group. Moreover, he even states that at times, another member of the Phantom Troupe may be more important to the Troupe than him. Most likely he feels that he is doing what is best for the group as a whole.

In terms of intelligence, I would rate him as one of the most intelligent characters in Hunter X Hunter. This is again evident from the deductions he makes while reading the future. His troupe has complete trust in him and this just shows how good of a leader Chrollo Lucilfer is. So, in all Chrollo has a lot of qualities to admire which makes him very interesting.

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